8 Tips For Moving When You’re Pregnant

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One thought on “8 Tips For Moving When You’re Pregnant

  1. I’ve been renting for as long as I’ve lived in the country. A few months before we got married, we started looking for something to buy. Here most rentals don’t have contracts; so the landlord/lady can pretty much kick you to the curb…even if you’re 35 weeks pregnant. So, when we found out I was pregnant a second time around (miscarried about a year ago), we put our search in high gear. Like you, I started with the pre-pregnancy clothes; I figure those probably won’t fit until about 3 months post-partum. (While I was at it, I weeded out all the clothes I don’t really use and got rid of them.) I also started packing up kitchen stuff I don’t plan to use. I haven’t had a lot of energy to plan and prep anything nice; so any utensils or appliances that are used for a more-than-2-step recipe went into a box. (Yes, I have pulled a *couple* things out.) I also started working on my bookshelves…slowly. Those end up being really heavy (because they’re full of books afterward!); so I just leave them where they lie. I’ve left out my husband’s books because he’s using some of them and some parenting books that I’m reading when I need a rest, but all of the novels are now packed. I have started stocking up on some things (trash bags, soap, etc) since we *might* still be living here when the baby is born, but all those have their separate spot in the “packed” room and aren’t really packed in anything. Oh, and I packed up most everything for my job as the nausea made it impossible to travel and the buses aren’t particularly pregnant-friendly anyway; so, I’ve been on leave since December and can only go when Hubby has time off to take me. Basically, if I don’t/won’t need it in the next 6 months, it has been packed…and we don’t even know where to/when we’re moving yet! 😀

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