Hello, I'm Ashleigh!

  • Though I grew up and spent most of my life in the Pacific Northwest, I'm now a resident of sunny Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • In addition to our two kids, we also have two dogs, Remus and Dobby. (And yes, they are totally named after Harry Potter characters.)
  • Once upon a time, I went to college and got a degree in journalism.
  • Later, I tried out law school before I decided it wasn't for me.
  • Although I have loved my journey as a mom, I know that it is a difficult road at times, and definitely harder when you feel alone.┬áIt's my goal to share my experiences in hopes that someone else will feel comforted - and not alone.
Ashleigh Cooper
The Coopers


My family is made up of my husband, Brad, step-daughter, Bella and my daughter, Graci. We are currently trying to conceive another baby and will be sharing our journey, right here on Growing Graci.


I started Growing Graci to document my journey to becoming a first-time mom back in 2017, but decided to scrap (almost) everything and start over in 2018. (Occasionally, you'll see an old post get brought out of my archives!)