Baby Registry Perks & Why You May Want More Than One

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When I first started talking baby registries, I was overwhelmed by the options that were available. I always thought you chose one retailer, registered and shared that information with loved ones.

However, I’ve discovered that you shouldn’t necessarily just choose one place to register.

In fact, you should consider registering with more than one retailer.


To get the freebies of course!

While I don’t recommend using more than one registry, I do suggest doing the bare minimum to receive the promotional items at each retailer. This will also give you a chance to check out each retailer’s registry offerings and make an informed decision.

When you have had the chance to test out and compare each registry, you then should choose one to use. At that point, you should fill it out and be ready to share with your loved ones.

Check out the information below to see some of my favorite perks of each retailer.

All information provided below is subject to change by the company referenced. Please be sure to complete your own research before settling on your chosen baby registry.

Babies “R” Us

Unfortunately, Babies “R” Us closed earlier this year. When I was pregnant with Graci, we chose to give our Babies “R” Us registry information out to loved ones, though we registered at all of the places on this list. Knowing that we may end up having more babies in the future, I’m super sad that Babies “R” Us won’t be available to us.

That said, please don’t feel sad! Amazon and Target both offer great registry benefits that we will detail below.


When I think of online shopping, I immediately think of Amazon. If you are an avid Prime member like I am, than you may want to take advantage of Amazon’s baby registry program. Below are some awesome perks that Amazon has to offer.

Free Welcome Box (while supplies last)

Amazon will send you a free box of goodies if you are 1) a Prime member, 2) $10 worth of items are purchased from the registry, and 3) you fill out your Amazon registry with at least one item from their registry categories.

Here is a photo of the Welcome Box that we received when we were registering for Graci back in early 2017:

Baby Registry Perks & Why You May Want More Than One

Universal Registry

When you are making a registry, one of the hardest parts is trying to find a place that has  all of the items that you want. Amazon has an universal registry that allows you to add items from any place on the web. How cool is that?

Mobile App

With Amazon’s mobile app, you can add to your registry wherever you are. It is really handy if you suddenly think of something you need for baby and are away from your computer. For pregnancy brain, this is a total win.

Selection is Massive

We all know that if you can’t find something in a brick and mortar store, one of the first places you go is to Amazon. Heck, I price check things I’m about to buy in a store with Amazon. They have everything, and it makes sense that they would have a HUGE selection of items for baby, too.

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Free Returns for 90 Days

When you are buying baby stuff, especially for the first time, you may not be 100% sure that you’re making the right decision. One of the best perks of the Amazon Baby Registry is that you have 90 days to return anything from your registry, for free. Sweet.

Completion Discount of Either 10% or 15%, Sixty Days Prior to Your Due Date

The completion discount is available to the primary person on the registry. If they are a Prime member, then the discount will be 15%. Otherwise, your discount will be 10%. (The sixty days prior to your due date is based off of the expected due date that you provide when signing up for a registry. You must also wait 14 days before receiving your discount.)

Free Shipping on Orders of $25+ or on Prime Purchases with Prime

If you are already a Prime Member, you know the amazingness that is shopping with Prime. Free, fast shipping. (Seriously, there is nothing better.) However, if you’re not a Prime member, it is worth remembering that you can save on shipping with orders of $25 or more.

These options for saving on shipping costs will definitely be appreciated by your loved ones buying you gifts.

To find out more about the perks that Amazon offers for your baby registry, please click here(affiliate link)


Who doesn’t love Target? As my absolute favorite brick and mortar store in the world, I was excited to learn that Target had a baby registry service. Check out the perks below.

Welcome Kit Filled with Samples and Coupons

After you sign-up in store or online, just drop by Guest Services in store to get your freebies. Target says that the kit has $100 worth of coupons and samples! (See what we mean about snagging those freebies?!

Completion Discount of 15%, Eight Weeks Prior to Delivery

Just like the other completion discounts offered by the retailers above, this coupon will allow you to finish off your registry for a discount.

One Year for Returns or Exchanges

Target allows you to return or exchange items from your baby registry for up to a  year after your due date! That means that the time between your baby shower and when you actually have your baby isn’t counted against your time to return products.

Universal Registry

Like Amazon, Target also offers an universal registry, which allows you to add products from other websites.

Group Gifting

Let’s be honest for a moment. When you are planning for baby, there are the things you know you need, but you feel bad putting them on your registry, because the thought of any one person forking over the cash to buy it makes you a little queasy. Well, with Target’s registry, you don’t have to feel bad. Multiple people can go in on one gift!

Registry App

Target also offers an app specifically for their various types of registries. This makes it super easy to add or take items off of your checklist while you are out and about. (Again, apps are GREAT for pregnancy brain. Which is very real.)

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To read more about what Target has to offer, click here!(affiliate link)

When you were pregnant, where did you decide to register? Did you register anywhere just for the freebies? Let me know below!