Getting Out Of The House With Your Baby

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When you’re a new mom, getting out of the house with your baby alone is super scary. It can feel like a super daunting task to get the diaper bag packed, the baby dressed, yourself dressed and get it all loaded into the car.

However, here’s something that I wish I knew earlier in my motherhood journey: you should get out of the house with your baby.

Up until Graci was one-year-old, I barely left the house alone with her. A few doctors appointments and a few runs to Target, sure. But it was rare.

The very thought of taking her out alone was daunting.

What if she cried?

What if I couldn’t calm her in the middle of a store?

My mind would constantly come up with excuses until the motivation to leave the house was completely gone. If it wasn’t an essential task, I usually opted to stay home or wait until I had baby backup.

But I’m telling you that life got so much more fun when I stopped being afraid of leaving the house with my daughter. Here’s why.

Reason #1: Motherhood Is Super Lonely

Motherhood can be really lonely. Especially in the early days when you’re stuck under a new baby 24/7.

By getting out of the house with your baby, you get to experience the world again. Just being around adults again (even just by passing them in Target) can remind you that there is a world outside of your house.

If you are able to find local mom and baby activities to do, you can actually meet and engage with other moms that are likely going through the same things that you are. (Check out a list of ideas on where to find activities below.)

And you know what is great about mom friends?

They get it.

If your baby starts fussing, they aren’t going to take it personally that you can’t stick around.

Finding mom friends can be a very reassuring thing. And, if you don’t find moms that you jive with right away, don’t give up!

Reason #2: It Is Good For Your Baby To Get New Experiences

Just like it is good for you to get out of the house, it is also good for your baby to get out and experience new things.

No matter how old your baby is, they can benefit from seeing and learning about the world around them. Getting out of the house allows you to  broaden their horizons.

Reason #3: You Get To Bond And Make Memories In A New Way

Some of my favorite moments with my daughter have been when I’ve taken her to our local library for story time. I get to interact with her in a totally different way than we do at home. Getting to see her learn has been such a great experience.

I’m so glad to have these little adventures where it is just her and I.

Reason #4: You’ll Feel Like Supermom

Even though I highly recommend that other moms tackle their fears and get out with their babies, I fully admit that it is often exhausting. Even if your child is a perfect angel, you’re still likely to be tired when you get home.

However, despite being tired, I’m always proud of the fact that her and I managed all alone. I feel like supermom when I return home, having accomplished an outing.

My Experience With Graci

As I mentioned in the introduction, it took me almost a year to get up the courage to really start getting out of the house with my daughter. However, once I started really branching out, I was so much happier and she loved our adventures. I feel like I wasted so many months that we could have been doing activities outside of our home.

The first thing that I looked into doing with Graci was going to our local library for story times. It was a free activity and close to our house. SCORE.

I was actually quite nervous about going on our first day, but as soon as I got there and saw all the other moms, I felt a lot better.

I could see myself in many of these women – the one who was nervous that her baby would cry through the class, the one embarrassed about her child’s behavior or the one that looked like she needed a fellow mom friend.

Going to the library was really our springboard into finding more baby-related activities. Next week, Graci is starting a baby gymnastics class at the recreation center, and will starting swim classes in a few short weeks with her dad (he wanted his own one-on-one time, too)!

Getting Out With Your Baby – Places To Check

  • Local libraries
  • Recreation centers
  • MeetUp
  • Facebook Groups

If you already know any mom friends, you should ask them if they have any recommendations of activities to do. A simple good search may bring up local hidden gems, as well!

Mommas, how long did it take you to feel confident leaving the house with your little one(s)? Did you do any mom and baby activities?

As a new mom, leaving the house feels like a daunting task. Here are a few reasons that you really should be getting out of the house with your baby.

2 thoughts on “Getting Out Of The House With Your Baby”

  • This is so true! Most new moms are terrified of leaving their homes with their little ones. Some are afraid of germs and others are just overwhelmed by the thought of juggling that much new stuff at once.
    Having been a childcare professional before becoming a mother myself, I feel that I had an unfair advantage. I was out and doing things with my daughter at only a few days old and I am very glad that I was! I definitely would have been overwhelmed if I hadn’t had the chance to practice running errands and keeping up a busy schedule with other people’s children. Thank you for sharing!

    • I think it was a combination of all of the things that you mentioned that kept me in the house for way too long! Thank you so much for reading!

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