4 Toddler-Approved Halloween Board Books

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Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. As such, I got super excited this year to buy Graci some Halloween-themed board books.

Graci has been all about her board books for awhile now, and we are happy to do anything that fosters a future love of reading. In fact, my husband put up a little shelf from IKEA in her room (see below) that she is able to grab books from whenever she wants.

And let me tell you, she grabs for them multiple times everyday!

This IKEA shelf puts her board books right within reach. She is able to grab them and put them away herself.
Graci loves to take a quiet moment to flip through her board books. They are truly as entertaining to her as any toy.

Anyway, I wanted to share our four favorite Halloween board books with you, just in case you need some reading inspiration for your toddler! Be sure to leave a comment below if you have any favorite Halloween board books that you think we should check out!

Our 4 Favorite Halloween Board Books

Doc McStuffins Boo to You!

This is hands-down Graci’s favorite Halloween book so far. At 15 months old, she is all about these “touch and feel” books. Each two page-spread of this book features a textured cut-out that Graci loves to find and explore with her fingers.

And who doesn’t adore Doc McStuffins?!

Five Black Cats

This book has an adorable storyline, which isn’t something I would generally say about a board book. One of the best things about this book is that you and your little one can count the cats (there are always 5), look for the cute spider that is in every two-page spread (you can see him in the window on the cover) and talk about the other Halloween characters that the cats run into.

Graci has started bringing this book to us a lot to read to her, and I’m totally loving it.

Alphaprints: Boo!

Just like the Doc McStuffins book above, this book by Alphaprints also features “touch and feel” pages. As you can see in the photo of the cover, the frog has a puffy tummy with a metallic-like fabric. Other pages inside feature characters with other types of textures.

Graci absolutely loves looking for the texture on each two-page spread. (My personal favorite is the ghost page!)

One last thing to note about this book is that they use thumbprint-like, raised textures throughout the book. So your little one can look for this fun texture throughout, as well as the different textures of the characters.

Follow Me Halloween

This book is honestly so cool. Like, I play with it as much as Graci does!

Anyway, this book is basically a maze on each two-page spread, where you take your finger in the grooves of the maze lines and try to find your way to the end. Each page also features a fun window that previews the next page. (You can see the little window in the bottom right corner on the cover pictured above.)

While Graci doesn’t understand the concept of the maze yet, older toddlers definitely will. And the cool thing for us is that when Halloween is over this year, we can put this book away and she’ll enjoy it again next year on a whole different level. In the meantime, though, she really enjoys how brightly colored the book is and loves looking at all of the pictures.

What’s on your little one’s reading list? I’d love to hear your favorites below!

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