How To Survive A Road Trip While Pregnant

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My Road Trip – Seattle, Washington To Las Vegas, Nevada

Last year, my boyfriend (now husband) and I set out on a road trip from Seattle, Washington to Las Vegas, Nevada. The road trip was a necessity for us because we were moving the 1,200 miles to be closer to family.

We spent months preparing the major move, including how many days we were going to drive the distance and how we’d get the 16′ moving truck, two cars, two dogs and a hamster there in one piece.

When we first started our discussion, we knew that I’d be roughly 6 months pregnant during the move. And we knew the trip might be tricky. We decided to do the trip in two days, with an overnight in a hotel room. I drove my car, while my boyfriend drove the truck and towed a car.

Overall, the journey went amazing! However, I credit our pre-planning for making it through the two days of driving without much stress on my very pregnant body. Below, I’ve compiled a list of tips for doing a road trip while pregnant.

Talk To Your Doctor

Before deciding whether or not to do a major road trip while you are expecting, you should definitely talk to your doctor. Depending on your condition and pregnancy, it may not be safe to sit in a car for a long period of time.

Our doctor gave us the all-clear to do the drive. He suggested that we stop often for bathroom breaks and to make sure to stretch when I did so.

Bring Snacks

When you are pregnant, hunger is a big deal. If you’re like me, I feel like I’m dying when I get hungry. To make sure that I was able to fix any sudden hunger attacks, I made sure to have snacks easily accessible at all times in the car.

Prepare Several Water Bottles

Before leaving home, my boyfriend and I filled all of the water bottles that we had in our house. Then, we split the bottles – he took some in the moving truck, and I took some in my car. I kept a water bottle within reach at all points during our road trip.

Making sure to drink lots of water when you’re pregnant is a well-known recommendation, but when you’re on a road trip, it is especially nice to have water to quench a particularly bad thirst.

If you want to prolong your water being cold on your road trip, you could even freeze a few bottles for the car, and drink them as they thaw. Having a cooler in the car is another amazing way to keep drinks cold on a long trip.

Consider Bringing A Pillow

Sitting for long periods of time can be painful when you’re super pregnant. Just in case my pelvis started to hurt on our drive, I brought an inflatable donut ring (made for hemorrhoids).

I used this inflatable pillow for about an hour and half of our drive. After the first chunk of the drive, I started to feel uncomfortable sitting atop the donut. However, I still liked having it in the car just in case I needed a quick change of pressure for my pelvis. If the car seat started to hurt, I could sit on the donut again and swap when needed.

Try to Move Your Legs Around While Driving

Whether you are driving (like I was) or a passenger, try to move your feet, ankles and legs around while you’re in the car. This will help your body not feel so stiff and uncomfortable when you stop.

Stop Often

One thing that was nice about our gas-guzzling moving truck was that we had to stop often for gas. At these stops, I’d try to get out and stretch and use the restroom. These regular breaks really helped my pregnant body. The stretch and the bathroom breaks really did make the trip go by quicker and with a lot less discomfort.

In addition to shorter breaks, you should also consider stopping for the night if you have had enough driving for one day. Even though it doesn’t seem like hard work, driving can be exhausting. Even if you’re just a passenger and pregnant. So, if you get tired, you should consider stopping at a hotel before proceeding on your trip.

Have you been on any road trips while pregnant? If so, I’d love to hear from you below!

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