Lulyboo Baby’s Diaper Cubby – A Baby Registry Must-Have

This post was sponsored by Lulyboo Baby. However, all opinions expressed here are my genuine opinions about the product.

When it comes to diaper bags, it takes a lot to impress me. As a mom to a four-month-old baby and an almost four-year-old, I’ve tried my fair share.

Lulyboo Baby’s Diaper Cubby is an incredible diaper bag with multi-faceted functionality. Not only does it serve as a diaper bag, it serves as a changing table and hanging storage space for your stroller.

Let me take you through all of the features that we’ve been loving!

Diaper Bag Meets Changing Table

When you open the Diaper Cubby, you can then unzip the front portion of the bag to unfold the changing table portion. This long changing pad comes with an additional liner that snaps in place and can be easily washed!

*Rascal + Friends diapers and wipes were previously gifted.*

While you’re changing your baby, all of your supplies will be easily accessible on the modular shelving of the bag. (These shelves can be moved around using heavy duty Velcro on the sides of the shelves and the inner sides of the bag.)

I absolutely love the fact that I can adjust the inside of the bag to accommodate the different things that I like to carry for both of our kids. Our shelves are stocked with diapers, wipes, spare clothes and a spare blanket.

At the top of the bag are a couple of small, elastic pockets where we like to store small items like hand sanitizer and spare binkies, as well as two cup holders and a square storage pocket. We’ve found this section to be particularly useful because these items are easily accessible when you open the top flap of the bag. Below, we’ll show you how this section is super useful as stroller storage! 

In addition to the inner storage of the bag, another important feature of the bag are the insulated bottle pockets on the sides of the bag, a top zipper pocket and a back zipper pocket.

Stroller Storage

As we mentioned above, the Diaper Cubby doubles as stroller storage. These work in a couple of ways!

If you want to keep the whole diaper bag together, but would like to have access to the cup holder portion of the bag, you can easily attach the bag to your stroller with the top flap open. What is great about this function is that you’re able to put your phone in the middle section and the pocket itself tilts your phone so that you can see your phone screen at all times!

Another way of utilizing this handy portion of the bag is to completely detach it from the inside of your diaper bag and attach it to your stroller by itself.

Our stroller is amazing for so many things, but the one thing that it seriously lacks is cup holders and a good place to store your phone while on walks. The Diaper Cubby solves all of my stroller woes.

Other Design Details We Love

Besides the modular design of the interior of the bag, the stroller storage and the changing table, there are a lot of other, smaller details that I love. Here are a few of them:

  • Diaper Cubby comes in black and oat
  • The top flap of the bag is magnetic, making it super easy to access the inside of the bag, even when you’re juggling mom duties
  • Due to the design of the bag, it is able to sit upright when you’re loading it
  • Padded shoulder straps make the bag comfortable, even when you’ve got it loaded up with baby items
  • With the top handle of the bag, it’s easy to grab the bag and go

Who Would This Diaper Bag Be Ideal For?

If you’re someone who enjoys taking your toddler and/or babies on adventures, this bag is for you. 

With the large storage capacity and the ability to always have a clean surface for you to change your little one on, the bag would be an ideal companion to any adventure. Plus, with the different ways to attach the bag to a stroller and the ability to carry the bag as a backpack, it’s ideal for having your hands-free to take care of your little ones!

We are planning several trips this year and we are excited to be taking our Diaper Cubby along with us. 

Have you checked out the Lulyboo Baby Diaper Cubby yet? Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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[AD] Lulyboo Baby's Diaper Cubby is a baby registry must-have! With modular shelves and a built-in changing pad, it is a game changer!
[AD] Lulyboo Baby's Diaper Cubby is a baby registry must-have! With modular shelves and a built-in changing pad, it is a game changer!
[AD] Lulyboo Baby's Diaper Cubby is a baby registry must-have! With modular shelves and a built-in changing pad, it is a game changer!

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