Favorite Newborn Baby Products Of All Time

As a mom of two, I’ve definitely got a list of products that are my tried-and-true favorites. Some of the products I’ll talk about below were later discoveries, while some have been mine VIPs from the beginning. Take a look at all of my favorite newborn baby products of all time below and let me know your favorites in the comment section!

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Okay, without further ado, let’s get into it!

Bath & Baby Care Products

Tubby Todd Hair + Body Wash & All Over Ointment

Tubby Todd makes my favorite bath products for our son. Unlike with other brands, a little of the Hair + Body Wash goes a really long way, so I feel like one bottle lasts us a long time.

Pretty much since he was born, Greggory has had issues with his skin. We’ve tried many things to help clear up what his doctor has officially diagnosed as eczema. In our experience, Tubby Todd’s All Over Ointment has truly helped his skin heal and I don’t worry about slathering it on him often due to the amazing ingredients.

If you like the adorable sleeping raccoon print, you can download and print your own from this Etsy shop!

Rascal + Friends Diapers

I have had the opportunity to check out a lot of diapers in the course of two kids and none of them have held a candle to Rascal + Friends diapers. When the brand sent me a pack to try with my second baby, I was super impressed. We loved the product so much that we are now a Rascal + Friends partner.

*Diapers and wipes were gifted.*

Rascal + Friends diapers are soft, fragrance free, include only water-based ink, have no lotion or latex and are adorable. SCORE!

We’ve enjoyed using all of their products including their wipes and training pants.

For more about how we set up our nursery, including our diaper changing area, be sure to check out this post!

Products For Safer Sleep

Owlet Smart Sock

When we were preparing for the arrival of our second baby, I knew that I wanted to invest in an Owlet Smart Sock. When we brought our son home, we were so relieved to have this device to use to monitor his heart rate and his oxygen levels. The early days of bringing a newborn home can be overwhelming, stressful and at times, scary. This piece of technology gave us another layer of peace of mind and for that, I was super grateful.

One thing to note, however, is that it is always possible that this device will give off false alarms. We noticed that if we left the sock on and burped the baby, it could set off the heart rate alarm. If we were changing the baby and took the sock off for a moment without remembering to turn off the base, it would start alarming. It’s one of those things where you’ll have to decide if the false alarms are more distressing than the peace of mind that the piece of technology might give you.

Newton Baby Breathable Mattress

One of the coolest purchases that we made for baby number two was a breathable mattress by Newton Baby.

Designing a baby nursery can feel incredibly overwhelming. Check out this article for tips and decor ideas to ease the overwhelm.

Since our son’s room was decorated in a sky theme with clouds, we picked the blue mattress from Newton Baby.

Highlights of the Newton Baby Crib Mattress:

  • 100% breathable (the entire mattress is made so that your baby can breath through it)
  • You can unzip the cover, wash it and then spray off the inner mattress in a shower
  • Comes in three different models
  • Mattress can be used from infancy through the toddler years (it fits a standard crib)

Baby Monitor With Two Cameras

Since we have two little kids, we wanted a baby monitor that could allow us to have two cameras connected to the same monitor. We found exactly what we were looking for in this VTech model!

With this baby monitor, you can have the screen show you a specific room on-demand, split the screen to see both rooms at once, switch between the rooms or have the screen show you either room when it detects noise. Another super cool feature is that this monitor can play lullabies through the camera to soothe your little one.

We highly recommend this monitor and have enjoyed the quality for the affordable price.

Products For Feeding Time

Boppy Feeding Pillow

We used Boppy Pillows with both of our babies and they were the real MVPs of the early days. While I was never personally able to breastfeed our babies, these pillows were still essential for all of those bottle feeding sessions and for long hours holding our babes.

Dr. Brown Bottles

We have been so incredibly lucky that our babies have accepted any bottles and we’ve never really had an issue with any of them. That said, we opted to buy Dr. Brown Bottles with our second baby because we had heard such amazing things about them.

These bottles have a straw-like contraption inside that helps babies get less air when they’re drinking their bottle. (It can be removed if it isn’t needed on some variations.) While we didn’t really need these, it was nice to know that we had them if our baby starting having and issues feeding.

What we really did enjoy was that the Dr. Brown Bottles could be screwed directly into our breast pump. While I wasn’t able to breastfeed, I did pump for a portion of the newborn days with both babies and it was such a relief to pump directly into the bottle that our babies drank from.

Baby Carriers

Baby K’tan

I have used the Baby K’tan with both of our babies. They are amazing you the closeness of wrapping, without having to actually know how to wrap.

Ergo Baby Original Carrier

I was gifted a secondhand Ergo Baby Original Carrier with our second child and I’m so in love. Now that he’s a bit bigger and a lot heavier, it has been a lifesaver when I carry him around. I have a bad back, but this carrier is so well designed that it truly helps me carry him longer without as much pain. I’ve included it in this list of newborn favorites because you can purchase an insert that allows you to use this carrier from day 1! I wish that I’d purchased it.

I hope that these products gave you some ideas for your baby registry and what products you may want to purchase for newborn life!

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