Things To Consider Before Bringing Home A Family Pet

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Having a family pet can be a rewarding experience for the entire family. It can also be a nightmare. Check out this list of things to consider before bringing home a family pet to make sure that a pet is right for your family!

1. What type of pet are you considering and how much care will they need?

There are considerable differences in the level of care that a goldfish requires versus the extensive care that is required of a puppy.

If you have older kids, they may be able to help care for an animal that demands more care, but if you’ve got a young child, they may not be too much help!

This leads us right into our next consideration…

2. Who Will Be Taking Care Of The Pet?

We all know that kids will be more than happy to promise to take care of the new pet, if it means they get to take it home!

However, in the days, weeks and months to come, who is going to be the actual person cleaning the cage, feeding the animal and doing any other required care?

It is super important to go into getting a family pet with clear expectations of who will be caring for the animal.

3. What Will The Animal Cost The Family To Care For It?

Just like different animals require different levels of care, different animals will have different costs associated with their care.

While a fish can be quite affordable, a puppy will require multiple trips to the veterinarian for shots, wormer and check-ups, along with requiring dog food, toys, training and more.

Considering your family budget is vital to making sure that having a new family pet is fun and not an added stress.

4. How Old Are Your Children?

Having small children and a pet that requires a lot of attention can be hard because it means a lot more work for the parents.

But it the age of your children should also be a consideration for other reasons. If you are thinking about getting a puppy but have small children, it may be hard for the children and pet to interact because a puppy might be too rough.

When thinking about the perfect family pet, it might be worth considering the type of interactions the children and pet would have.

5. Does Anyone In The Family Have Allergies Or Other Health Concerns?

It would be incredibly heartbreaking for everyone in the family if you were to bring home a pet and then have to find a new home for the pet because someone was allergic to the new animal.

Before deciding on a new family pet, you might want to consider spending some time with that type of animal to see if anyone has an allergic reaction.

6. Have You Spent Time With The Type Of Pet You’re Considering?

In addition to allergic reactions, spending time with the type of pet that you’re considering is a good idea because you’ll want to know what you’re getting yourself into!

If you’re considering getting a puppy, have you spent time with the breed?

If you’re thinking about getting a hamster, has your child held one?

Doing this research ahead of time will ensure that your family is choosing the right pet.

7. What Is The Lifespan Of The Pet?

No one wants to think about their beloved pet passing away. However, it is a fact of life that we won’t get to keep our pets forever.

Before choosing a family pet, it is worth considering how long the pet’s lifespan might be. There are a couple of reasons that this consideration is important:

  1. Choosing a pet with a long lifespan means that you’re making a long-term commitment to that pet.
  2. Depending on the lifespan of the pet and the age of your children, this may be the pet that they have for their entire childhood.

If these factors scare you, it may be better to opt for a lower commitment level pet, like a fish or a hamster.

8. Is Your Home A Good Fit For Your Chosen Pet?

Depending on the size of your chosen pet, you may or may not need space in your home for your new pet. If you’re getting a puppy, it may be best if you have a yard.

It’s important to assess whether or not your home will be accommodating to a potential pet for the good of the whole family!

Have you brought home a family pet? I’d love hear all about the things that you considered before bringing home a family pet!

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