Valentine’s Day Gifts For Toddlers

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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Toddlers

Are you looking for a Valentine’s Day gift guide for your toddler? Not sure what to give your little one to celebrate the holiday? Well, we’ve got you covered!

Below, you’ll find all of our suggestions for Valentine’s Day gifts for your little Valentine! Be sure to comment below what you’re giving your little one this year!

Valentine’s Day Themed Books For Toddlers & Babies

One fantastic gift idea are Valentine’s-themed toddler books! There are tons of adorable board books and picture books on the market that your little one is sure to love.

If your child has a particular favorite character like Mickey or Elmo, be sure to do a quick search on Amazon for books featuring those characters for an extra special gift.

Valentine Themed Stuffed Animals Your Toddler Will Love

Another Valentine’s Day gift idea for toddlers are themed stuffed animals! If you have a toddler like mine, a Valentine’s stuffed animal would totally make their day!

Toddler Arts & Crafts Valentine’s Day Gifts

If you’re not looking for a stuffed animal for your little one, Melissa & Doug has several adorable DIY art sets that your toddler is sure to enjoy. My favorite thing about Melissa & Doug items are the high-quality of their toys.

Please be sure to check the age recommendations on all of these kits before purchasing to make sure they are suitable for the age of your child.

Valentine’s Coloring Books Are Perfect for Toddlers

I may be grown up, but there is still something so magical about a new coloring book and crayons! If you’re looking for an artsy Valentine’s gift that your toddler will love, consider checking out these Valentine’s Day coloring books.

Valentine’s Day Candy

Candy is a Valentine’s Day staple. If you’re looking for some cute options for your toddler, check out these candy options!

Make Your Own Sweet Treats At Home For Valentine’s Day

If your little one is into baking or if you’d like to bake some special treats for your toddler, then you should definitely check out these Valentine’s Day baking supplies!

Adorable Valentine Pajamas

I’m a sucker for holiday themed pajamas for my toddler! Check out these adorable toddler Valentine’s Day pajamas for some great options.

Valentine’s Day Toddler Outfits

I’m totally one of those moms that takes great joy in dressing up her little one! Another great gift idea for your toddler would be a new Valentine’s Day outfit.

Fun Valentine’s Toddler Accessories

Valentine’s Day toddler outfits are super cute on their own, but why not add some fun accessories to take it to the next level? I’m dying over the accessory options available on Amazon!

Handmade & Personalized Gifts

If you’ve made it through this list of ideas and still don’t see the perfect gift idea for your toddler, consider checking out what Etsy has to offer for Valentine’s Day items!

When it comes to personalized or handmade gifts, there truly is no better place to shop than Etsy.

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What are you gifting your toddler for Valentine’s Day? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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