The Worst Baby Advice We Received

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When you’re about to be a new parent, or in those early days with your baby, people like to give you a lot of unsolicited advice. Sometimes, this advice is super helpful, but sometimes, this advice is down-right awful. Check out this list of the worst baby advice we received and be sure to leave yours in the comments below!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional and NONE of the topics below should be taken as medical advice. Please discuss all decisions that you make with a medical professional.

“Cut the bottle nipple and add cereal to the baby’s milk.” Uh, no.

We got this advice quite a few times in the early days of having a newborn. From my research, it appears that this was a fairly common practice “back in the day,” but today it’s not usually recommended.

According to an article from Dr. Greene, a baby can not only inhale a piece of cereal into their lungs, but they can also be set up to overeat as they get older. I definitely recommend reading his article if you’re given this same advice.

“Bite your baby’s nails off rather than using nail clippers.” Nope.

The idea behind biting your baby’s nails off rather than using nail clippers is founded in the idea that you won’t accidentally remove too much nail by biting them off, but that you might by using nail clippers.

Believe me, when Graci was born, I was petrified of clipping her nails. And even today, I kind of hate the task.

However, I just can’t quite get on board with the idea of biting off my child’s nails.


Well, it seems kind of gross. Not only is it kind of gross to bite off someone else’s nails, but you’d also be slobbering your own saliva and germs all over their hands and we all know babies put their hands in their mouths.

Also, if you have ever bitten your own nails or seen someone that bites theirs, you know that your nails are left jagged. That’s, not something that you’d want for your baby! Jagged nails could end up hurting your baby when they try to explore with their little hands.

If you want some helpful tips for cutting your baby’s nails, you should check out this article by Healthy Women!

“Don’t worry so much about what the pediatrician says.” Really?!

I’m pretty sure that every parent has heard this advice in some form or another.

Maybe someone wants to argue with you about how to put your baby to sleep:

“Back in my day, we put our babies on their stomach.”

“When you were a baby, we put babies on their sides.”

“Are you sure you should put the baby on their back? What if they get sick? Won’t they choke?!”

Or maybe, it was about when to introduce certain types of food.

Or maybe, it was about whether or not to put the baby to sleep with a blanket.

You get the idea.

My husband and I faced the general advice to ignore our pediatrician’s recommendations often based on the idea that previous generations had done things differently and the children had lived through it.

It was incredibly frustrating.

My advice for new moms? Ignore it the best you can. Try to educate whoever it is that is trying to tell you differently and then let it go.

The only time that I’d advise a new mom to NOT let it go would be if these people are potential caretakers of your child. In that case, I think it is completely appropriate to have a discussion about how you expect YOUR child to be cared for.

If they cannot respect your rules (whether they agree with them or not), you may need to rethink them as caregivers. This is your child and you have absolutely every right to have them taken care of in the way YOU are comfortable with.

“Enjoy every moment because they grow up too fast.” Ugh.

To me, this was the very worst baby advice I ever received.

Yes, they were absolutely right. My darling baby, Graci, has grown up so incredibly fast. It feels like just yesterday I was a brand new mom.

But I urge people to stop saying this to new moms.


Well let me list the reasons:

Moms have enough to worry about in those early days. They don’t need to be worried that they aren’t properly “enjoying” time with a newborn.

It’s not glamorous or 24/7 fun with a newborn. Often times people would give me this “advice” if I complained about my new role as “mom,” even in the tiniest way. There are very special times with your new baby, but there is also a certain amount of burnout. People shouldn’t be shaming moms into “enjoying” every moment when they could really just use a few moments to recharge.

There are just some times with a new baby that ARE NOT enjoyable. Will I ever miss getting up in the middle of the night multiple times? Nope, not a single chance. I also won’t miss changing diapers when she is potty trained.

So while babies do grow up incredibly fast, and you will for sure miss the days when they were super little, it is terrible advice, in my opinion, to make moms feel like they are failing for not enjoying every single moment of motherhood.

So what advice would I give to a new mom?

Here’s the advice that I wish someone had given me:

  • Listen to those you trust, but listen to your gut most.
  • You know your baby better than anyone, remember that.
  • Don’t let other people make you feel inadequate as a mother. You’re doing amazing.

That’s it. That is what I truly believe a new mom needs to hear most. Everything else will be figured out along the way.

Mommas, what was the worst baby advice that you ever received? What advice do you wish you had gotten? Let me know in the comments below!

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