Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas For Toddlers

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My daughter, Graci, celebrated her 2nd birthday with a dinosaur birthday party. Below, I’m sharing what we did for her party, along with some other dinosaur birthday party ideas that you might want to add to your party!

Dinosaur Cake Ideas

For Graci’s party, we opted to buy a Costco cake, with no decorations whatsoever! We ordered a plain white, vanilla cake and decorated it at home.

If you have a child that's in love with dinosaurs, check out this post for dinosaur birthday party ideas, including DIY options and more!

To make our dinosaur scene, we purchased Chocolate Creme Oreos and crunched them up for the dirt. We chose this particular variety of Oreos because the filling is light chocolate brown rather than white, and it made the dirt look more realistic and two dimensional.

We then used green icing (like this one) to make the grass on top of the “dirt.”

For the dinosaurs, we purchased a bunch of plastic dinosaurs and made them little party hats! (We made sure to wash the plastic dinosaurs in the dishwasher before they ever came close to the cake!) The dinosaurs that we purchased were from the dollar store, but these ones would work perfectly!

Making the dinosaur party hats we super simple – we just cut out half circles from glitter cardstock, rolled them into little cones, taped with Scotch Tape, and they were done! We even made extras to use as decorations for our tables.

If I were to do this party over again, I’d be purchasing these adorable party hats from Etsy – they are adorable little hats complete with a fuzzy trim, a pom pom on top and CHIN STRAPS! Seriously, they are SO cute!

Finally, we topped the cake off with a “Happy Birthday” banner. Unfortunately, I can’t find our particular cake banner anywhere online, but here are a bunch of others on Amazon.

While we did a lot of DIY-ing for Graci’s dinosaur birthday cake, you could definitely go a more pre-made route with options like these:

Dinosaur Decorations

As I mentioned above, one of the decorations that we made for Graci’s party were the dinosaurs with party hats on our tables. They turned out super cute and were definitely a great decoration that got people talking!

The other super fun way that we added dinosaurs into our party theme was on our beverage cups!

If you have a child that's in love with dinosaurs, check out this post for dinosaur birthday party ideas, including DIY options and more!

All we did was buy some cheap pink party cups and then grabbed these dinosaur glitter stickers from our local Dollar Tree. Then, we simply stuck them on the cups! It was a super easy DIY project, but it really added to the dino theme.

For the rest of our decorations, we chose a teal, pink, and lime green color scheme. All of our cups, utensils, plates, napkins, paper streamers and our birthday banner matched this color scheme. We went with plain party supplies because they were cheaper and because they allowed our party dinosaurs to really shine!

If you’re looking for an easy way to decorate for a dinosaur party, however, here are some amazing options from Amazon!

Gifts For A Dino-Loving Toddler

For Graci’s 2nd birthday, her dad and I were definitely looking to purchase the perfect dino gift. Since she has been really into her Duplo Legos lately, we opted to purchase this adorable Jurassic Park Duplo Lego Set:

The dinosaurs in this particular set are beyond adorable. You can find it on Amazon here!

My mom also surprised us and purchased this dress for Graci and gave it to her early so that she could wear it to her party! I can’t say enough good things about this dress. The top portion is lined, the straps are adjustable and when it becomes too short to wear as a dress, I think we’ll get a lot of wear out of it as a top. Score.

If you have a child that's in love with dinosaurs, check out this post for dinosaur birthday party ideas, including DIY options and more!
Check out this dress on Amazon!

If you need more dinosaur ideas for toddlers, be sure to check out what is available on Amazon!

Have you had a dinosaur birthday party? If so, I’d love to hear your dinosaur birthday party ideas in the comments below!

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