Toddler Christmas Gift Ideas 2019

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Looking for toddler gift ideas?

We’ve got your back! Here is a list of products that my daughter has loved as a toddler.

Check out this list and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below.

VTech Gallop and Rock Learning

Graci received this toy for Christmas when she was 6 months old, but didn’t start using it until she was about a year old. She loved to climb on the horse by herself and loves to smack the buttons on the horse’s head. (We are working on being gentle…)

This toy is super cool because it makes noise as it senses movement to help you imagine that you’re riding a real horse. In addition to making noise, the buttons at the top also light up which is a lot of fun.

This can be used as a rocking horse, or the bottom of the toy can be flipped to turn it into a ride-on horse that rolls on the wheels.

Fisher-Price Little People

Graci loves these toys so much because she can easily carry them with her when we leave the house or play with them at home with the play-sets.

Something that I adore about these toys is that they grow with her. While she initially just carried the figurines around, now she does tons of pretend play with them. At almost two years in, these remain one of her favorite toys.

As a mom, I’ve really been enjoying collecting the different people and animals with Graci (and my mom who is slightly obsessed, too). Often times, you can buy an animal or person for under $4 at Target and Walmart, so it makes adding additional toys affordable.

This year, we are hoping to add this Frozen Little People Ice Palace to her collection, along with the adorable sleigh!

Violet – LeapFrog My Pal

Violet was Graci’s bedtime buddy for a long time. She was gifted her for her 1st birthday, and for months, they were the best buds.

One of the coolest things about Violet is that you can program your child’s name into it and tell her a few things about your child (like favorite color and favorite food). Then, Violet talks to your kiddo about these things.

She does music and games, but my favorite feature is the bedtime feature. By pressing her foot, you can have her do 5, 10, or 15 minutes of bedtime music. This is was a staple part of our bedtime routine with Graci for many months.

NOTE: If you have an iPhone, you’ll need the headphone dongle to program your child’s name into Violet. She has a standard headphone cord in her back that will need to plug into the lightening adapter.

Board Books

I think board books are always a great gift. Always, always, always.

In fact, we’re obsessed over here – check out all of these other blog posts that talk about our love of board books:

Anyway, here are some of Graci’s top board book picks in case you need a few suggestions!

Nalgene Grip-N-Gulp Water Bottles

When Babies “R” Us was going out of business, my husband and I splurged on two of these Nalgene bottles for Graci (they were a different pattern than what is available on Amazon).

At first I was surprised that they were a little more spendy than a regular sippy cup. Then, I used them.

These bottles are high quality, have never smelled funny after washing (even when we put other stuff besides water in them), they don’t spill, the plastic valve on the inside comes out so that washing is easy and they have been super durable.

The other thing that I like so much about these bottles is that Graci won’t outgrow them anytime soon. I’m all about reducing the amount of products that we constantly have to buy over-and-over again. It’s worth it to me to spend a little more and have a product that she’ll use for a longer period of time.

Crayola My First Palm Grip Crayons

Coloring is one my fondest memories from my own childhood. And, I can’t wait for Graci to color with me!

My husband and I bought a pack of these egg crayons for Graci’s 1st birthday and she loved carrying them around and tapping them on paper immediately. Nowadays, we are trying to work with her on making the coloring motion on paper rather than just smacking the crayon on the paper.

These eggs are the perfect shape to get your toddler to realize that swiping the crayon on paper makes color.

Normal crayons have paper around them that require your toddler to hold the crayon just right to get color on the paper, are hard for your toddler to hold and break easily. This product solves those problems.

BLACK+DECKER Junior Power Workbench

My husband and I purchased this workbench on Black Friday in 2016 and have had it put away for this Christmas for Graci. We happened to find it for a good deal, and we knew that purchasing Christmas items early would only spread out the hit to our budget.

Graci is going to love this toy, and we’re super excited to give her a toy that is typically marketed for boys. Who says that girls can’t use tools?

Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head

My wonderful sister purchased Graci a Mrs. Potato Head for her birthday, and I’m pretty sure Graci has played with it every single day since. According to my sister, my niece was absolutely obsessed with Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head when she was little.

The best thing about this toy is that you can make so many different combinations of faces that it really allows your creativity to flow! A toddler will enjoy being able to make silly faces or swapping body parts to places they don’t “belong.”

Graci is particularly fascinated by the storage in the bum area. She loves opening it and putting the pieces inside.

With Toy Story 4 in theaters right now, this toy is something many toddlers might recognize from the movie, which makes it even more fun.

Duplo Legos

As I mentioned in my blog post about Graci’s dinosaur birthday party, we purchased this set of Duplo Legos for her:

The great thing about Duplo Legos is that they allow your toddler to explore their creativity in the same way that they would with normal Legos, but the pieces are just bigger so that are safer and easier for little fingers to manage. My husband and I have been so impressed with how Graci’s fine motor skills have developed in the last few months, and I attribute a lot of that to her playing with her Duplo Legos daily.

Recently, I found out that most of the Duplo Legos are interchangeable with the normal size Legos, so you won’t have to completely ditch them when your toddler is ready for the “big kid” version (unless you want to)!

Step2 All Around Easel for Two

This has been Graci’s favorite birthday gift, hands down. Her grandparents purchased this easel, along with chalk, washable dry erase markers and erasers.

Since Graci got this easel on her birthday, the thing hasn’t left our living room, and she’s obsessed with having us draw on it with her, as you can see below! It’s given us a lot of fun, quality time with this busy girl!

Choosing the perfect gift is intimidating! Check out these gift ideas for a 2-year-old girl if you're shopping for a toddler!
Graci draws on her easel every single day. And she absolutely loves it when we do it with her!

Crayola Color Wonder Art Supplies

I recently wrote an entire post devoted to toddler art supplies here, but suffice it to say, I’m in love with Crayola’s Color Wonder line.

Here’s what Graci received for her second birthday:

We purchased a few of the products above, and Graci’s parents purchased a couple, too. This was one of the items that we specifically asked for when people asked what to get for her.

Choosing the perfect gift is intimidating! Check out these gift ideas for a 2-year-old girl if you’re shopping for a toddler!
We love Crayola’s Color Wonder around our house!

The thing about all of these products is that they allow Graci to color her heart out and I don’t have to worry about her marking up the walls, furniture, herself or the car. That’s pretty much the best thing ever in my book.

I have the Paw Patrol On-The-Go Book in my purse, the Stow & Go set stays in the car, and the coloring book and marker pack stay at home. This is a great system for us because it allows us to have mess-free coloring with us no matter where we are.

Play Kitchen

Oh my goodness. Graci absolutely loves her play kitchen. What I love so much about this particular kitchen is that it is really compact, so it doesn’t take up a ton of room. I’m also obsessed with the stove that makes real-life cooking sounds! Graci has been playing with this kitchen for almost a year, and I’m confident that she’ll be playing with it for YEARS to come!

Moonlite Books

Every time that I mention this product to other people, they have no idea that it exists! If you’re a child of the ’80s or ’90s, you likely remember View-Masters.

Well, the Moonlite projector and the reels are pretty much the modern day version. The product works with a small reel (the “book”) that rotates on the projector, which is clipped onto a smartphone and has the flashlight shine through it. At bedtime, you can shine the projected image onto the ceiling, read the words from the story from your phone and even play special music and sound effects as you go.

Graci is a big fan. This has become a part of her bedtime routine, new books were definitely needed!

LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book

Graci received the pink and purple version of this toy, but since that is unavailable on Amazon, I’m linking to this more gender-neutral version.

This toy is so cool. Not only does it have three different modes of learning, but it also allows you to switch back and forth between English and Spanish! I love that Graci can explore the book by touching the different pictures and the book helps her learn about that word.

Graci has this toy in the car, that way she can play with it in the car (when I would otherwise not be able to read with her).

Travel Trays are BRILLIANT

Please note that I was sent two Travel Trays for review a few months ago, however, this post is not sponsored by them and I genuinely LOVE their product!

These unique inventions allow your toddler to have their cup holder anda place for their snacks! We’ve really enjoyed using these in the car with our carseat, but they have also been magical at the movie theater for our toddler. We were able to put popcorn and other snacks within reach for her to eat while she watched the movie.

They are also great to use in your normal cupholders if you want to eat a snack while on the go. I’m a huge fan.

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  1. This is a great list!! My toddlers also play with their play kitchen every day!! Most of these things I recognized as my toddlers favorites, there was a few I hadnt seen and will have to go check out 🙂

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